DigiCarver -- Computer-programmable machines for cutting, carving and engraving DigiCarver -- Computer-programmable machines for cutting, carving and engraving

Our Business

We specialize in mechanized carving, cutting and engraving. If you haven't the talent or the time to do it by hand with carving knife, chisels and scroll saw but can use the computer, you can produce a superior product and do it repeatedly, if that's your desire.  Many successful enterprises began as a hobby and developed into a profitable business. We have equipment for the hobbyist and the factory, and everything in between. If you want to work with wood or plastic, with leather, fabric or vinyl, with metal, glass, stone or masonry, we have what you need.

The CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) is basically a router mounted on a frame that moves according to the program fed to its controllers, sideways, lengthwise and vertically to cut or carve in three dimensions. It cuts away material depending on the size and shape of its cutting bit.  It can leave a very fine finish that looks like the best hand carving. The principle is the same for all CNC machines, from the table-top label maker to the largest fabrication equipment.  The difference is in the precision, capacity and durability, and of course, cost.
The laser cutter/engraver operates by a concentrated light beam strong enough to cut through a material, or with less power applied, engrave the surface.  The laser cuts with such a fine line that there is virtually no waste (except smoke, which must be extracted to the outside). The result can be as intricate and delicate as the drawing that is fed into the machine. Because the material is burnt, the cut edges of wood are singed, and take on a dark brown or black color, depending on the kind of wood.  This may be desirable for engraving on the surface.  The extremely fine edge laser-cut from plastics is vaporized away, and does not show this discoloration.

These two types of machine are complementary, and are often found in the same shop. Some projects will best be done with a combination of laser and CNC machine. Metals and stone and glass can be engraved with either machine, with different effects. The laser can cut through wood or acrylic up to 1 inch thick, depending on the power of the laser tube and the current applied. The CNC machine requires that the material be held down with clamps or adhesive, but the material does not move in the laser cutter, and so does not need to be fixed in place.







































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