DigiCarver -- Computer-programmable machines for cutting, carving and engraving

Two Year Limited Warranty on DigiCarver Laser and CNC Systems

Cutters or engravers using a rotating cutter for operation are herein designated "CNC machines".  Cutters or engravers using a laser light beam for operation are herein designated "laser machines". The DigiCarver brand is owned by Love Engraving LLC (herein designated "Seller") which warrants its products.

CNC machines are mechanical-electrical in nature, and like all power tools is subject to wear through use, or damage through misuse. DigiCarver CNC machines are ruggedly built to give dependable service for many years, but of course, regular maintenance is required for long-lasting, repair-free operational service.  The nature of these machines is to produce dust from the material removed during operation, and this dust, along with oils contaminated by it, should be occasionally cleaned from bearing surfaces such as the guide rails and the ball-screw drives, and re-lubrication performed. It is the responsibility of the owner (the buyer) to adhere to proper procedures in the installation and operation of the machine, as described in the owner's manual.

Laser machines, used with care can last many years without trouble.  There are few moving parts to wear out and there is little friction involved in their operation.  There are parts, however, that are fragile or easily damaged if instructions are not carefully followed. It is the responsibility of the owner (the buyer) to adhere to proper procedures in the installation of the laser tube, testing and adjusting of mirrors and focal lenses and providing proper ventilation of the gases produced by the laser machine's operation.  It is also the owner's responsibility to assure proper care of these items during use in engraving or cutting of materials, also, as described in the owner's manual.


All DigiCarver mechanical / electrical components are warranted against any manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of the buyer taking delivery. This 2-year warranty does not include consumables, such as router bits, collets, laser tubes, lenses or mirrors.

Consumables which are included with the purchase of a machine are covered by a limited warranty of one year from the date of delivery.  Limitations on this warranty are stated in the manual, and include such as improper cooling of the components, lack of coolant, shock, vibrations, improper focusing of the lens, and improper cleaning practices or chemicals used for cleaning.  The warranty does NOT include damage to the laser tube if it is broken during installation.  There are indications if the laser tube has been allowed to overheat.

This warranty does not cover damages incurred in the process of shipping. If there are such damages, they are covered by the insurance included in the shipping costs, which, in the case of whole machines (not consumables or additional parts or accessories), is paid for by the seller.

Seller's sole obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing the product or, at its option, replacing the product, without additional charge, provided the item is properly returned to Seller for repair or replacement as discussed below.

The provisions of this warranty shall not apply to any product which has been subjected to tampering, abuse, improper setup or operating conditions, misuse, lack of proper maintenance or unauthorized user adjustment.  Due to the vast range of materials that can be cut or engraved, Seller makes no warranty that its products are fit for any use or purpose  to which they may be put by the buyer, whether or not such use or purpose has been disclosed to Seller in specifications or drawings previously or subsequently provided, and whether or not such products are specifically designed and/or manufactured for such a purpose.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from electrical surge, brown-out, nor fluid (fire-extinguishers, water, oil, cleaners, rain, humidity, etc.), or damage caused by improper use or maintenance. Damage caused by wind, fire, flood, accidents, vandalism or acts of God are not covered under any warranty.

The warranty extends only to the original owner of the machine and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.  Please consult your operator's manual for additional legal notices. Purchase of a machine from Love Engraving constitutes acceptance of the warranty, with its stated limitations, covering that machine.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.  All other warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressed, implied, or arising by operation of law, trade usage, or course of dealing, are here disclaimed.  There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof.


In no event shall Love Engraving be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind or nature whatsoever.  Love Engraving is in no way liable for any lost profits arising from or connected to this agreement, whether alleged to arise from breach of contract, expressed or implied warranty, or in tort, including without limitation, negligence, failure to warn, or strict liability.

No representative nor the entire entity of Love Engraving may be held responsible for any damages to property or for personal injury caused by the use of DigiCarver machines.


In the case of premature failure of a part covered in this warranty, buyer must first obtain a Return Authorization Number from Love Engraving.  No claim will be allowed nor credit given for products returned without such authorization.  Proper packaging and insurance for transportation is solely the customer's responsibility. After approval from Love Engraving, the product should be returned with a statement of the problem and transportation prepaid.  If the item is damaged in shipment, no refund will be applied.  It is up to the customer to make a claim on the shipper if insurance was purchased. If quick replacement is required, the customer may purchase a new part from Love Engraving, and if the failure is deemed covered by this warranty, a refund will be applied.

If upon examination, warranted defects exist, the product will be repaired or replaced at no charge and shipped, prepaid, back to the customer. Return shipment will be by common carrier (e.g, UPS).  If rapid delivery is requested by the customer, then such transport is at the customer's expense.  If an out-of-warranty situation exists, the customer will be notified of the repair costs immediately. At such time, the customer must issue a purchase order to cover the cost of the repair or authorize the product to be shipped back as is, at the customer's expense.  Returns for refund of merchandise for any reason other than failure covered by warranty are not accepted.


As with all power tools, there is risk of injury if proper care is not taken in their operation.  Never approach the moving bit of the router with your fingers or with an instrument, to move or clear an object. Always use the safety stop (red button) or otherwise make sure the spindle is not turning before manipulating the material.

The function of the laser machine is to use highly condensed light to burn or vaporize materials such that the material is obliterated. Improper focusing of the laser beam can result in overheating of the material in a broader physical space. With such a larger heated space, the material could catch fire and result in damage to the laser machine. It is also the responsibility of the operator to never leave the machine unattended, to understand the proper and safe operation of the machine, to maintain at least one working smoke detector, and to have quick access to fire suppression devices of significant resources to extinguish any fire within or near the laser machine.

For the safety of the operator or any bystanders, the DigiCarver laser machines are equipped with safety cut-off switches to prevent the tube from firing if the lid is not closed. The laser beam can instantly injure an appendage crossing it's path. The laser beam is concentrated light which can injure eyes if not observed through the protective view window in the cover. It is the responsibility of the owner to see that these protections are not defeated or bypassed.


All DigiCarver machines are thoroughly tested for each function before shipping.  Each machine has been run for several hours to assure that the parts are functioning properly and that it operates according to the specifications for that particular machine and performs according to our standards.

The manufacturer gives its own warranty which provides protection to Love Engraving, but your assurance is our warranty as herein described. We will deal with the manufacturer in case of failure of their machines, but you, the buyer, do not have to deal with the Chinese company.